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BRAVO4 International consultancy team operating globally provide: Consulting Services, Threat Assessments, Contingency Planning, Regional Analysis, Kidnap and Ransom Planning, Support, and Response & Crisis Intervention Services

Emerging threats give rise to the need for a bespoke security consulting team to augment services not available locally. This level of security is critical to those organizations who require protection for their personnel and assets, regardless of where they are located in the world.

Disruptions to business and freedom of movement, as a result of ongoing terrorist and criminal threats, are increasing worldwide. Kidnapping has reached pandemic proportions in many countries, with terrorist and criminal groups turning these activities into a major growth industry. Operating or travelling in hostile environments poses unique threats to the operational efficiency, security and safety of personnel and facilities.

Supervision and management of new or existing facilities and programs often call for independent input. Our team of consultants are more than qualified to assist in these scenarios, relying on years of experience at the highest levels of operational service.

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Our Aims and Objectives

  • To assist companies and individuals in proactive security planning.

  • To meet security requirements with an integrated team operating at the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism.

BRAVO4 International will provide a carefully assessed, individually tailored program of security measures that will bring together a unique mix of highly practised techniques designed to adapt to the requirements of your organization and the available resources within its environment.

We are also able to provide consulting and manpower to your project, wherever it may take us. Offering relevant solutions to immediate or foreseeable problems, we are able to provide tailored solutions to you on a national or international scale. Through proactive supervision of projects, we are able to cost effectively manage complex security assignments from the initial assessment of needs through to task completion. Our consultants, familiar with the demands, can provide well-documented and effective analyses, presented in a context-relevant package.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in complete confidence.

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