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Global Services



Close Protection


Your personal safety is of utmost importance to us, which is why Close Protection is a crucial part of what we do, delivered with discretion
and professionalism.

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Covert Surveillance



We can provide highly trained operators who have the latest equipment to conduct operations anywhere in the world.

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Hostile Environments

Our teams have operated globally providing protection in extremely hostile and challenging environments, enabling
our clients to travel to and
operate in these difficult areas.

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Residential Protection

We provide a complete residential protection service for you, your family & residence. We undertake a full assessment and provide recommendations utilising world leading innovative technological advancements and methodology.

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Media Safety

Our core focus is on ensuring the safety and protection of journalists and reporters operating in hostile environments, safeguarding their interests like no one else can.

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Consultancy Service

Our consultancy team operating globally provide: Consulting Services, Threat Assessments, Contingency
Planning, Regional Analysis,
Kidnap and Ransom Planning, Support and more. 

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Private Investigations

We have a dedicated team, who work professionally to collect evidence and provide clarity, or peace of mind, for clients worldwide. Our skilled Private Investigators can help.


Drone Solutions


We offer intelligent drone
solutions to increase
effectiveness during
surveillance and
protective operations.

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Our extensive experience in maritime security makes us well-equipped to handle a wide range of situations, from providing security for luxury yachts to safeguarding commercial vessels. 

Aerial View of Yacht

Special Projects


We have a capability of
carrying out Special
Projects ranging from Armed
Extraction and Counter
intelligence to Specialist
Risk Assessments.

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